The Culture Connect x It’s On x NSRT

The Culture Connect is an event where dance, live music, cultural stories and spoken word come together. This year we are working together with It’s On to make an extra special final edition!

In this final edition we see 8 dancers with different cultural backgrounds performing a showcase based on the traditional danceform from the country which they represent. We will see dancers from Surinam, Spain, Indonesia, Turkey, Iran, India, China and Chili on stage

In the second round, the dancers will meet an unknown cultural danceform together with the accompanying live musician. The goal is to incorporate this new danceform into their own while they freestyle dance on the traditional music from that dance. For instance, an African dancer moving on latin conga’s incorporating salsa basics into their african dance. 

In the third round, all dancers come together in a West African sabar circle where 6 djembe players play their traditional rhythms and where the dancers for the first time dont follow the music, but the music follows the dancer! The sabar gives the dancer the unique possibility to create their own world by directing the music with their body!

This is all being accompanied by DJ Lucas Benjamin, judged by a professional panel consisting of 4 judges who each will also give a special showcase of their own, on live music. Judges are

Indu Pandey – Indian classical dance

Johnny Rama Hernandez – Salsa

Recab Mwesigye – Traditional Ugandese dance

Julianna Casabillis – Tribal Fusion

The evening is a dance concours where the dancers can win the amount of €1000,- meaning everyone is doing their utmost best to earn the most points during this competition. 

Hosting will be done by the dynamic spoken word duo from the Barguijs: Ivan Words and Tyler Koudijzer

It’s going to be a night to remember 🙂

Made possible by North Sea Round Town, Gemeente Rotterdam, House of Urban Arts and stichting Connecting the Culture!