Perfect beat challenge 2023

Calling out all beat producers and aspiring music creators!

📆 Date: Friday September 8th

📍Venue: Koperslagerstrast RSVW Festival, Rotterdam – South
The Netherlands
⏰ Time 18:30– 21:30h

Time 18:30– 19:15h Gear set up
Friendly Competition: Show off your skills and compete against fellow producers in the Perfect Beat Challenge. Step up to the stage and leave the audience in awe of your musical talent!

Time 19:15– 20:15h Creative process
Hands-On Experience: Put your newfound knowledge to the test and unleash your creativity. Experiment with samples, loops, and effects to craft your unique sonic masterpiece.

Time 20:30– 21:30 Listening session + Ceremony
Don’t miss out on this incredible chance to elevate your beat-making game and network with like-minded individuals in the music industry. Whether you’re a seasoned producer or just starting out, this event is for YOU!

Host MC Mario BEE
Judges: Y’skid, Damon Flores, TBA

What can you win?

1st €250
2nd €100
3rd € 50

Limited spots available!

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Secure your place in the workshop and for Perfect Beat Challenge get ready to make some perfect beats!