The best in international Street Artists who will transform the concrete of the Afrikaanderwijk into colourful pieces of art. The sickest moves by the world champion B-Boy and the best (inter)national Freerunners and Freestyle Footballers. Skateboarders competing for the Dutch Championship and 3x 3 Basketballers aiming for 2020 Tokyo Olympic qualification points. Complemented by the rawest hiphop beats and the complete lowdown on hiphop fashion.

This and loads more can be expected if you visit the second edition of the Rotterdam Street Culture Weekend. If you’re down with street culture you might not want to give this one a miss and make sure to reserve Friday 13 thru to Sunday 15 September 2019 for a visit to Rotterdam.

Artistic and sportive spectacle

Rotterdam Street Culture Weekend is the overall name for the multiple events that are held within street art, hiphop and urban sports. These events are hosted at several locations throughout the city of Rotterdam on Friday 13 thru to Sunday 15 September 2019. They all have one thing in common: world class spectacles spiked with artistic or sportive merits.

Pow! Wow!, NC Skateboarding and more

The first edition of Rotterdam Street Culture Weekend took place in 2018 alongside Pow! Wow! (the number one street art festival in the world) who made their debut in Rotterdam that year. This year Pow! Wow! Will again be playing a major part in the programming of the festival. In addition, several urban sports have been added to the roster. Actual qualification points can be scored by the top competing Dutch skateboarders and 3×3 basketball players for the 2020 Olympics. Both sports are making their Olympic debut in Tokyo next year. The How hiphop took over fashion exhibition which is held in De Kunsthal is among others also a part of the Rotterdam Street Culture Weekend.

Visibility for talent

Rotterdam is packed with talent and initiatives concerning street art, hip hop and urban sports. By hosting the Rotterdam Street Culture Weekend the City of Rotterdam, Rotterdam Festivals and Rotterdam Topsport would like to build on the reputation and encourage the visibility of these talents and facilitate these initiatives.