19B Studio bus on Tour

Twenty-two years ago, Yannick Monteiro Cabral, aka Monta, came from Cape Verde to live in the Charlois-district in Rotterdam and he never left. Producer, programmer, maker, but above all hip-hopper…and all of this with full dedication. At home and on the street, Monta is always looking for musical growth but also the talent of others. He moves between young emerging and established rappers and makers. He knows that there is a lot of talent in the neighborhood, and he especially wants young people to use their talents. That is why he also guides young people by teaching them how to record and produce songs and thus develop their talent. Monta can be seen as the ambassador; the face behind Studio ’19B’ on tour.

This project can only be made possible with his team: Team ’19B’. The team consists of Monta, Vlammetje (Delano) Overeem and Devero Francisca. The team is involved in various activities such as a music studio in Charlois where many are busy writing, recording, and producing hip-hop on a daily basis.

This project arose because Monta made one of his dreams known in conversation with Pauline Schreurs (Coordinator Cultural Program Pavilion ‘aan het Water’). The reason for this was that he identified a lot of talent in Rotterdam that was not given visibility. His question was what to do with this talent. The Pavilion ‘aan het Water’ likes to give space to these kinds of ideas and experiments. The limitations of Covid-19 made it possible to develop the Quarantine studio on tour in 2020.

B. Studio ’19B’ on tour 2021
This project stimulates and activates young people to do something with their talent, experiences and energy in a positive way. Monta and his team live in Charlois and see what happens on the street. This project involves different types of young people and can affect those who often don’t know what to do when bored.

Source: Open Rotterdam