Breaking Rules – European Hiphop Conference

Rapper Akwasi, b-boy Redo and street footballer Rocky. These well-known Dutch stars will be attending Breaking Rules, a European hip-hop conference that will takes place for the first time in the Netherlands. In cooperation with LKCA, RSCW will introduce you online and live (only by invitation) to (inter)national hiphop researchers, inspiring speakers and artists. These two days will focus on inspiration, sharing knowledge and breaking down boundaries.

Artist talks

Also scheduled are the artist talks by bboy Redo, rapper Akwasi and street soccer player Rocky, focusing on the role of hip-hop in their lives and how they try to inspire young people. You will also be meeting 12 young Dutch researchers who have a strong relationship with the scene. You can take part in a ‘Somethin Out Of Nothin’ session or an ‘Analysis In The Moment’ of hip hop tracks. There’s also the opportunity to talk about feminism in hip hop or other topics like for instance (non)belonging. Featuring key lecturers like Dieuwertje Heuvelings, KMT, Gregor Bulc and Francio Guadeloupe, it’s something you don’t won’t want to miss out on!

The full program can be found here.

Make sure to sign up here for the livestream and/or the online sessions (in English). The link to participate will be sent in time for the event.