Dutch Championship BMX Freestyle 2020

Who is the best BMX Freestyler in the Netherlands? That will be determined RSCW 2020 during the Dutch Championship BMX Freestyle at the indoor skate park Skateland Rotterdam. There will be two different championships.

First official Dutch Championship BMX street

On Saturday, September 12th, battle will commence on the street course. For the first time in history a Dutch Championship BMX Freestyle Street event, recognized by the Royal Dutch Cycling Union (KNWU), will be held. Rotterdam and RSCW just scored a big first on this one, make sure not to miss out!

BMX Park Olympic Sport

On Sunday 13 September, the category BMX Freestyle Park will be ridden. The Dutch Championship BMX Park 2020 is on the calendar of the international cycling union UCI; Dutch athletes can earn points for the international World Ranking. The number of points in the World Ranking entitles athletes to participate in world cups, the European Championships and the World Cup. The Park category will for the first time also be part of the Tokyo Olympics 2021.

Last year the Dutch Championship Skateboarding Street took place at this venue during RSCW 2019. Skateland once again will be hosting an awesome event during RSCW 2020.

Due to the current corona measures, the event is only open to parents of underage riders, the press and a limited number of guests. Thanks to a live stream a wider ‘audience’ can now enjoy the rad tricks the BMX riders have on tap.