POW! WOW! Rotterdam

POW! WOW! Rotterdam will return to the Afrikaanderwijk from 6 to 13 September 2020 to add colorful murals to its bare and boring grey walls. In these corona times you can still enjoy stunning art in the outdoor space.


Sunday 6 to Sunday 13 September

The 2020 line-up consists only out of Dutch artists.

Murals: Zedz + Bijdevleet + Jan Is De Man + Ilse Weisfelt + Chas Loveletters! + Collin van der Sluijs + Naomi King + Thomas & Jurgen + Erico Smit + Nasbami + Joram Roukes + Does + Klaas Lageweg + Do It Yourself (Oxenmystic in collaboration with local community)

Intervention: Fake + Dazetwo

Wanna know what artist is working where? Download the POW! WOW! 2020 map.


Sunday 13 September

Painting vans and trucks is a unique part of POW! WOW! Rotterdam. During these live painting event on Sunday the 13th of September, vehicles will be transformed by artists into rolling works of art.

55×5 EXPO

Sunday 6 till Sunday 13 September

The concept is simple: 5 zones of vacant properties will be selected in the Afrikaanderwijk during POW! WOW! Rotterdam for a real pop-up exhibition. 5 selected artists are allowed 5 working days to turn each of the 55 Montana Cans into a unique street art experience.


The linguistic artists of Spraakuhloos will let the artists, who will be performing during POW! WOW! on the life-size murals, inspire them. All ten murals are accompanied by a custom-made spoken word piece, which will be incorporated in a video clip containing images of the street artist in question and the creation of his or her work of art. After the festival, Spraakuhloos will drop one of these videos weekly on social media, so you can reminisce about RSCW 2020 for a long time to come!