The Jump Off

Same as last year’s RSCW, the HipHopHuis with The Jump Off will give a glimpse into what the Rotterdam hip-hop scene has to offer. Not on the basis of skills, but on the basis of the universal values that are upheld in the scene. Besides the traditional opening of the season, this year’s The Jump Off also coincides along the eighteenth anniversary of the HipHopHuis.

The programme is divided into two themes: knowledge transfer and celebration. This is because on the one hand the HipHopHuis stands for knowledge transfer within its own community and the journey to strengthen its position as a knowledge institute. In addition, the HipHopHuis stands for celebrating the community and highlighting established and emerging talents.

Check out The Jump Off program below.

Knowledge transfer
13:00 – 18:00
Location: Annabel

Knowledge is the new currency, 13:00 – 15:00

During a two hour panel discussion, guests Winne (Couture33), Lloyd Marengo (Lloyd’s Company), Tasha’s World (House Of Knowledge) explain how they, as brown and black entrepreneurs and activists, managed to make their organization successful. The emphasis here is mainly on the motives and pitfalls an entrepreneur might run into and sharing tips which might help out young and starting entrepreneurs. Knowledge is the new currency, by contributing the HipHopHuis lends a helping hand towards a stronger community making them more prepared for when they branch out into the wide world. Moderator of the panel is Shay Kreuger, best known for being a presenter at FunX.

Take A Seat, 16:00 – 18:00

The HipHopHouse’ in house talk show, Take A Seat offers a safe place to talk, discuss and learn about various topics. In this edition, key figures from the Dutch LGBTQI+ community are welcomed as guests.

15:00 – 17:00
Location: HipHopHouse

Every year new teachers and/or lessons are introduced to the students of the HipHopHuis. These workshops are test cases; a shortened version of a regular lesson to promote the upcoming year. These ‘tastes of things to come’ will take up no more than 30 minutes and will offer room to 10 students max. Please note that the corona measures will be taken into account.

15:00 – 21:00

During The Jump Off the American artist Kahlil Joseph will exhibit his video installation BLKNWS at HipHopHuis. The installation criticizes both the content of the news and the way news is communicated. The videos display images about Afro-American culture that alternate with images from news readers and are continuously updated in real time.

On September 11 and 12 the installation can be viewed at HipHopHuis.

18:00 – 0:00

You only turn 18 once and so the HipHopHuis invites you to a low key block party with DJ’s Franky Sticks, Darryl Antunez & Blaize. Unfortunately no feet on the dance floor, but a special menu deal for €9,50 instead of €12,50 with burgers incl. free french fries! The capacity is limited, so register quickly. First come = first serve!