Gamechanger | Kimberley Wenas

Stylist Kimberley is happy to bring that extra sparkle to your eyes

As a stylist, Kimberley Wenas creates the looks for big names, such as Jayh Jawson, Anna Nooshin, and Kim Feenstra. Who was her own game changer, who motivated her to pursue her dreams?

Who was your big game changer in your life?

That’s my grandma. Unfortunately, she is no longer there, but she has given me the insight that you have to go after your dreams. And that anything is possible. She’s been teaching me that since she was a little.

My mother passed away six years ago, and then I moved in with my grandmother. As a result, our bond has become even more intense. That was also the period when I started styling. She has been through the whole beginning. I shouted at the time that I wanted so badly to style Anna Nooshin. And she always said, “Oh, you’re definitely going to succeed, just wait and see.”

The environment in which my grandmother used to work herself is also similar in certain ways. Although that was more than half a century ago, and on the other side of the world. She was born in Indonesia, and after the war she went to work there as a hairstylist and make-up artist. She traveled with stars, walked around on the sets to do the hair and makeup. My grandmother was a beautiful woman to see. She also occasionally ran fashion shows.

Even though she can’t experience what I do anymore, and what big names I work with, I’m sure she would have been proud. I find it very special that I have achieved this thanks to her support.

I am also inspired by everyone I work with. That’s also something I’m consciously looking for. Otherwise, I can’t get satisfaction out of it. I want to work with people who give me energy. And it often works both ways. I think that with my ideas and creativity I can also inspire the people I work with.

At what moments do you feel like a game changer yourself?

Sometimes I give master classes at Grafisch Lyceum. Then I tell about my career, not even my private story, and then I notice that students get inspired by that. They come up to me and say, now that I’ve heard your story, I want to achieve that too! I always try to motivate them to go after their dreams. I say to them: don’t let anyone tell you that not can not do something. As long as you stay close to yourself.

During styling I sometimes get that beautiful feeling that I mean something to someone. Kim Feenstra, for example, is already super-cool of herself. But if I add a certain element, that little perd, I see how she can feel even more beautiful. Then she gets that little sparkle in her eyes. I help someone to feel even more confident. I think that’s really nice.

Where can we follow you?

Instagram: Kimberlywenas