Dutch Championship Speedstyle Freerunning

The Dutch Championship SpeedStyle Freerunning consists of a speed competition and a style competition. The participants register in advance for the part in which they want to participate.

During the speed section, the participants have to follow a pre-defined route from A to B as quickly as possible. The time is kept by a professional measuring system.

During the style part, the participants can decide for themselves how they want to show their skills to the three-member jury consisting of professional freerunners. They are assessed on three different criteria.

The top 3 of both parts will eventually win a cash prize and eternal fame!

No visitors are allowed during this event. Participants are allowed to bring one person each. These names are communicated to us in advance. The spectators are given a fixed seat 1.5 meters apart and can watch ‘their’ participant. Every present must do a corona check via the official app. In case of health problems, we must refuse the participant.

Cost to participate is 20 euros per person per part. If you register for both parts (speed and style), you pay 40 euros.