International Dance League – semi final 2

The best urban dancers in Europe come together in the International Dance League: a revolutionary platform that unites the urban dance world in a completely new dance experience for the public, which will take place in Theater Rotterdam. In a top-level international dance competition, today’s best dancers and performers compete for the title of undisputed champion. Music genres such as Funk, Hip Hop, House, Bass and Afro-Caribbean set the tone.

The International Dance League focuses on 3 pillars:

1. Impressive theater shows with battles
2. Each One Teach One: Talent development, training and dramaturgical guidance
3. Floor: Workshops, seminars and urban theme weeks

The dancers from different dance styles form teams, with which they train, choreograph and work towards the well-prepared and artistically high-quality showcases for two weeks. There are two divisions: one for adults (18+) and one for teens (12 to 18 years). Due to their diverse composition, the teams all have their own character and are representative of many styles. Both within the teams and between the different teams, unexpected combinations and exciting crossovers take place on the battlestage. As a result, the presentations are always fresh and innovative and spectators are on the edge of their seats.

Ticket price: 15 euro

*During the event all visitors will be seated.