Panna Knock Out World Finals

It’s time for the Panna Knock Out World Finals 2021! In the weekend of 11th and 12th of September, Rotterdam will again be the host of this spectacular event where the best street football players gather together. They’ll show their mind-blowing moves with the ultimate goal to give their opponent a PANNA! What’s a panna you ask? A panna is a move where you play the ball through your opponent’s legs.

This is the schedule for the weekend:

Saturday the 11th of September 
Open International Panna Knock Out tournament (15:00-19:30)
Finals Open International PKO tournament (19:30-20:00)
LADIES World Finals (20:00-20:30)

Sunday the 12th of September
Dutch Championships Panna Knock Out (11:30-15:30)
PRO World Finals (17:30-21:30)